Animal Track Designs

How Jill Came Up with it

Jill's Connection to Nature
Jill Mahan's journey into creating Animal Track Designs is deeply rooted in her love for nature and the woods. Growing up in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, Jill found solace and connection in the natural surroundings of her home.

Influenced by a Passionate Hunter
Her boyfriend Dick, a passionate hunter, played a significant role in shaping her understanding of the outdoors. To spend more time with Dick during the fall hunting season, Jill ventured into the woods with him. These excursions sparked her interest in the intricate stories told by animal tracks on the ground.

Inspiration from Animal Tracks
Each set of tracks revealed a narrative of where the animals had been and where they were headed. Inspired by this, Jill conceived her first Animal Track Design—a Christmas wreath that beautifully captured the essence of the wilderness.

Learning the Art of Tracking
Dick, an avid hunter, shared his knowledge with Jill, teaching her how to identify various animal tracks and understand the behavior of wild animals. This knowledge became the foundation for Jill's artistic creations, allowing her to skillfully translate her observations into captivating designs.

A Tribute to a Loved One
Tragically, Dick passed away from cancer in 2016, leaving behind a profound impact on Jill's life. To honor his memory, Jill dedicated her Animal Track Designs to him, creating a lasting tribute to the man who had shared his passion and wisdom. The woods, once a place of shared experiences, became even more significant to Jill as a source of solace and reflection.

The Therapeutic Power of Nature
Through her art and the lessons learned from Dick, Jill discovered the therapeutic and grounding qualities of the natural world. The process of watching and tracking animals in their habitat became a metaphor for life, offering valuable insights and lessons.

Capturing the Wilderness in Art
Jill Mahan's Animal Track Designs not only showcase her artistic talent but also serve as a reminder of the profound connection between humans and the untamed beauty of the wilderness. Her work stands as a testament to the therapeutic power of nature and the lasting impact of shared passions.